Primary Literature


Holiness Heritage Primary Sunday School Literature - for ages 5-8

The Primary literature is arranged with the first lesson in the middle of the book where it can be easily removed to pass out to the class. This way they are able to take it home to their parents. Each week the new lesson can be removed for distribution. Contains one copy of all 13 Sunday School lessons for the quarter. Each lesson contains a memory verse, scripture text, Bible lesson, illustration, discussion question and a coloring page.

The junior, primary, and beginner are on the same basic lesson, so if you have an overlap or class that has a large age gap, you can use the earlier level for the younger children and the more advanced level for the older children in the same class. This has worked well for several churches that have fewer children’s classes.

We publish 4 quarter of literature per year. They are:

Spring Quarter - Begins the first Sunday of March and goes to the last Sunday of May.
Summer Quarter - Begins the first Sunday of June and goes to the last Sunday of August.
Fall Quarter - Begins the first Sunday of September and goes to the last Sunday of November.
Winter Quarter - Begins the first Sunday of December and goes to the last Sunday of February