Visual Aids for Junior / Primary / Beginner


Holiness Heritage Visual Aids for Children's Literature

The visual aids are very similar to flannelgraph. They are used to illustrate the lesson with figures in full color. Included is a packet of removable plastic adhesive. This is a putty that is put on the back of each picture after it is cut out. It enables the pictures to be used without the necessity for a flannel board. They can be placed on anything (wall, chalkboard, poster board, etc.) and then easily removed to be reused. Each packet contains 10 pages of full color pictures to illustrate all 13 lessons of the quarter.

We publish 4 quarter of literature per year. They are:

Spring Quarter - Begins the first Sunday of March and goes to the last Sunday of May.
Summer Quarter - Begins the first Sunday of June and goes to the last Sunday of August.
Fall Quarter - Begins the first Sunday of September and goes to the last Sunday of November.
Winter Quarter - Begins the first Sunday of December and goes to the last Sunday of February.